Making Choices

Making the right choice is important. Some students have a clear idea of where they are going and what courses they need to get there. This could be A Levels or a combination of A Levels and/or Advanced Level vocational courses to access a particular course at university or it may be a Level 2 vocational course to gain access to an apprenticeship or employment e.g. NVQ Level 2 Hair & Beauty in preparation for a job as a Hairdresser.
However, some students are less sure. The choices you make post-16 will open up a range of possibilities for the future, however making the wrong choice may limit some options. It is therefore important that you take as much advice as possible before making any decisions. If you plan to attend university and are clear as to which courses you wish to study look at university prospectuses online. These will identify the qualifications you need to access particular courses. If you are not planning to go to university please take time to meet with your local careers advisor or speak to your mentor to identify what courses you need to start in employment or prepare for an apprenticeship. The Sixth Form pathways diagram below gives you an ideas of the combination of options you may take.
pathways diagram