Year 11 Revision

Revision Support 2017


Exam GCSE Art Power Point Presentation 2017

Key Stage 4 Curriculum Overview 2015-2017

Year 11 Art Exam Class Checklist 2017


Suggested Revision Materials:

Edexcel Business Revision Guide

Edexcel Revision Wookbook


Dance Revision Booklet

Accompaniment Questions

Action, Space, Relationships, Dynamics Questions

Choreography Questions

Costume Questions

Dance Work Facts

Expressive, Performing and Technical Skills Questions

Lighting Questions

Below are links to revision guides for the two professional works the students have been studying, which can be purchased from Artspool:

Still Life Workbook

Swansong Workbook


Students can find all revision resources on the ELP for DT Engineering.


CAROL English Language and Literature

CAROL Revision Booklet for AQA GCSE 2017

FRANK English Language and Literature

FRANK Revision Booklet for AQA GCSE 2017

SPAG Booklet

Food Technology

All students have been given a revision guide by AQA and revision sheets.


Listening and Reading Revision Booklet

GCSE French Revision Guide


Students can access revision materials on the ELP

Suggested revision materials:

GCSE Geography Revision Guide


Students can find all revision resources on the ELP for GCSE DT Graphics


Suggested Revision Guide

Exam Board OCR Modern World History B

Specific Topics

International Relations 1945-1975 (Cold War)

Germany 1918 - 1945

British Society 1939 - 1975

The Origins of The Cold War Power Point Presentation

The Beginnings of The Cold War Power Point Presentation

The Berlin Blockade and The Berlin Wall Power Point Presentation

NATO and The Warsaw Pact Power Point Presentation

British Society 1939-1975 Revision Guide

The Cold War Revision Guide

The Cuban Missile Crisis Revision Guide

History GCSE Question Spotting

History GCSE Revision Session Power Point Presentation

Germany Assessment Booklet

Homework Booklet: British Depth Study

A Parent Guide to Revision

History GCSE Question Spotting: Paper 2

Using Evidence Power Point

Vietnam Assessment Booklet

Vietnam Revision Notes


Suggested Revision Material:

Edexcel GCSE Revision Guide - Scanned Copy on the ELP

Edexcel GCSE Revision Workbook


Foundation Checklist

Higher Checklist

The Maths E-Book of Notes and Examples

Useful Mathematics Websites

Equation of Tangent Test Paper

Functions Test Paper

Iteration Test Paper

Pressure Test Paper

Proof of Circle Theorems Test Paper

Quadratic Inequalities Test Paper

Trig and Exponential Graphs Test Paper

Venn Diagrams Test Paper 1

Venn Diagrams Test Paper 2

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Suggested revision materials:

Edexcel GCSE PE Revision Guide


Students can practice assessments at Educake. Login details will be available from the student's Science teacher.


Spanish GCSE Course Guide

SAM Learning

All students have their own logins to help them track their progress. Students login with the following details at

Centre ID: BN8RC2

User ID: Date of birth followed by two initials – first name then last name. Example: 010896DJ is the User ID for David Jones born 1st Aug 1996

Password: Initially same as the User ID (Students are encouraged to change this to something which is difficult to guess)