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Ringmer Farm

The Farm at Ringmer

Farm Truffle 1We have been running a farm here at the college since 2014. We have registered with the Rural Payments Agency and the Animal Health Association, and have our CPH and heard identification numbers. In addition to our ducks and chickens we have Saddleback and Gloucester Old Spot pigs. We will also have two milking goats, rabbits, gerbils and quail.

Our ducks and chickens earn their keep by laying lots of eggs!Farm Chicken 2

A poly tunnel has been erected so we can grow fruit and vegetables and sell these at the farm.

Many curriculum areas benefit from working with our farm – Mathematics and Business through seeing how a farm business plan makes this financially viable; art and photography; food and healthy living and literacy. We are also investigating running short courses in animal care and horticulture in partnership with Plumpton College.

Students can see Mr Lawson, who is running the farm, to become part of the group responsible for running the farm and garden. They will be given responsibilities to feed, clean and care for all the animals in our care.Farm Ducks 1

We would love to involve parents/carers and students alike to help care for our animals over weekends, holiday periods and snow days when staff sometimes cannot make the journey into college and animals will need to be fed. We have also had parents who have graciously offered to support the farm in any way possible including financially for which we are very grateful, so we thought it would be a good idea to extend an invitation to all our parents to be a part of this project. We are very grateful also to parents/carers who have already contributed transport, feed and animals and we would like express our gratitude.

A letter has gone out to all parents/carers and if you wish to be involved in any way or can help us, then please contact Mr Duckworth nduckworth@ringmeracademy.org

Watch this space for more news and pictures of our farm and its inhabitants!


Farm Chicken 1 Farm Duck 2 Farm Truffle 2

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