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OSC@R Awards

OSC@R stands for Organisations, Societies and Clubs at Ringmer and represents positive student activity outside of the classroom.  Each student is monitored to see what they are taking part in and are recognised for their achievements.

Year 7 to 11 Student OSC@R Awards

Each month a number of students are nominated for an OSC@R Award which reflects their efforts outside of the classroom, both in and out of school.  Those showing the greatest commitment to their activity are awarded an OSC@R badge in an assembly.  There are four levels of awards; Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum and at the end of the school year parents and students are invited to an OSC@R award ceremony where students are selected for the main OSC@R prizes.  These include day trips away and sports equipment.  Students are able to nominate themselves or their friends based on what they do outside the classroom.

Sixth Form OSC@R Awards

We have a Bear called OSCOR and every two weeks it is given to a Sixth form student who has shown great achievements in and out of college. They take the Bear home and introduce it to ‘life experiences’ that include travel, sports and physical exercise that could include visits to the gym or basketball games. The students follow OSCOR’s exploits on Twitter; a fun and interesting way of rewarding Ringmer Sixth Form students. Follow him on twitter

Staff OSC@R Awards

Even the staff at Ringmer can be nominated for an OSC@R! Every two weeks a member of staff is awarded with a badge and certificate for their dedication and passion shown outside the classroom. The senior management hand this out at the staff briefing time and, like the students, they are able to nominate themselves or their colleagues.