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The ONESIE- Charities and Empowerment

The ONESIE Organisation

The Purpose of the Organisation:

The ONESIE Organisation is a student led group who raise funds for charities and the college.  They also raise awareness of local and global charitable organisations

Ambassador: Mr P Dean

Mr Dean oversees the student roles and coordinates all aspects with the school management

Chairman and Captains:

There is a Year 10 student who is the Chairman with the assistance from three team Captains.  Their job is to coordinate the day to day operations and report back to Mr Dean.


There are 40 students across all year groups and they are responsible for collecting cash from fundraising and for holding events within the community

Fund Raising:

CLIC Sargent LogoStudents have chosen the charity CLIC Sargent as the whole college charity for 2015-2016.  The ONESIE reps will work throughout the year to raise money for this cause and others. They will also be involved in raising money for Children in Need and Comic Relief.

Free The Children - 'We are the change Charity'Free the Children LOGO

Free the Children is an international youth empowerment charity started by 12 year old Craig Kielburger in 1995 as a school project.  Craig set this up to empower young people to try to help them make a difference in their communities, both locally and globally.

Free the Children now specialises in sustainable development in the countries of Ecuador, Ghana, Haiti, Kenya, Nicaragua, Sierra Leone, India and rural China. In additional they also run educational programmes and campaigns in the UK with the aim of empowering young people to become socially engaged. 

They will support the ONESIE Organisation to fund raise and build awareness.  The ONESIE Organisation is split into three teams which will organise events, bringing the community together.

Team One:

Leader:                               Erin Munn

Local Community Event:   The Ringmer Community Festival (25.06.2016)

Global Cause:                    We Bake For Change - helping Global togetherness

Team Two:

Leader:                               Alice Goodchild

Local Community Event:    Community Christmas Party (10.12.2015)

Global Cause:                     We Scare Hunger - helping feed communities

Team Three:

Leader:                               Teigan White

Local Community Event:     Year 6 Community Disco and Parent/Carer BBQ (16/06/2016)

Global Cause:                      We Won't Rest - Year 8 Sleepover (13.05.2016)

Members of the ONESIE Organisation will attend the WE DAY Concert which will be held at Wembly Arena on 5 March 2015. It is being hosted by Free the Children and is for 10,000 young people from all across the UK, bringing together world renowned speakers and celebrities in inspire young people to care about local and global issues.  Past WE Day guests have included Sir Richard Branson, Holly Branson, former Vice President, Al Gore, Archbishop Desmond Tutu as well as pop stars such as Justin Bieber and Jennifer Hudson.

There will be a day workshop, run by staff at Free the Children, on Friday 16 October 2015 to help the teams finalise their plans.