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At Ringmer Community College, the aim is for all students to fulfil their potential, personally, academically and socially, developing self-respect for each other and for the community. Therefore, all forms of bullying and harrassment are considered unacceptable, and it is essential to ensure that all students are treated with dignity and respect, irrespective of gender, race, colour, nationality or national origins, religion, disability, sexual orientation or age.  All reported or suspected incidents of bullying will be investigated and appropriate action taken.

Bullying can be defined as "deliberately hurtful behaviour, usually repeated over a period of time, where it is difficult for tose bullied to defend themselves" from 'Working Together to Safeguard Children' HM Government 2006.  Some young children confuse friendship issues with bullying; what characterises bullying is wilful, conscious desire to distress, hurt, threaten or frighten someone. All forms of bullying are damaging to a person's well-being.

Bullying can take many forms but the four main types are:

  • Verbal bullying which includes: hurtful teasing, name-calling, mimicry, taunting, making threats, spreading rumours, reacist, sexist or homophobic remarks
  • Emotional bullying which includes isolating an individual from the activities and social acceptance of the group
  • Physical bullying which includes: hitting, pushing, tripping someone, theft or hiding possessions
  • Cyber bullying which includes sending e-mails or text messages containing insults, threats or images directly to other young people; or spreading hateful comments through social networking sites,other websites and online diaries (blogs).

The Anti-Bullying Policy ensures that Ringmer Community College is both proactive (seeking to educate students and prevent bullying) as well as reactive (responding swiftly to any bullying issues) in its approach to bullying. This policy is also supported by the Anti-Bullying Group, and a designated member of staff with specific responsibility for bullying issues, in additional to our full-time pastoral team. Fastidious record-keeping of bullying and hate incidents is essential to implementing the policy. All incidents are recorded on SIMS (Schools Information Management System) and are monitored weekly.

The OASIS Group (Offering All Students Independent Support) is made up of a number of committed students, working with the support of a member of staff, the Inclusion Mentor, who co-ordinates and implements the anti-bullying policy of the school. OASIS can also offer support to students who have been identified as in need of short term support with any issues, such as friendship problems, or exam stress. They meet with the Inclusion Mentor once a week to receive anti bullying referrals, and to discuss case work and outcomes

Their aim is to support all students, with a view to inclusion in school life for all. This is facilitated through:

Peer Support-trained students in the upper school offer one to one sessions of ‘active listening’ to support students who have been referred or identified

  •  Assemblies-to keep the whole school informed as to the support available
  •  Transition Support-to assist Year 6 students joining the school
  •  Promoting and Reviewing the Anti-Bullying policy of the school
  •  Aiding the delivery of anti-bullying lessons in PSHE
  •  CPD Training-to keep all staff updated with bullying issues and policy

How to access support - If students wish to access this kind of support, or you would like more information they can do this through:

  • Their Mentor
  • Their House Leader
  •  Ms Edwards (Inclusion Mentor)
  •  Any member of the OASIS group
  •  E-mail oasis@ringmeracademy.org

For further information on E-Safety please visit our keeping your child safe page