The Referral System

What is the Referral System? This is how a staff member acknowledges a students' achievement or tackles their under-performance.

We will acknowledge students with praise where they are progressing and achieving, and challenge and support them where their behaviour falls short of our expectations for a sixth former. We also recognise that students need continued support in making the right choices to achieve to the best of their ability. We cannot assume that our new Sixth Form students will suddenly develop the skills and strategies to succeed at the next level during their extended summer holiday.

The referral system has been designed to provide feedback on a student’s progress. The key component is the referral form which is used to pass feedback on a student’s performance to the sixth form team. It is split into three sections “Achievement”, “Concern” and “Action taken by staff”.

The teacher or staff member recording the initial incident will also take, and record, their initial actions. This may of itself be enough. If it is not or it is a more serious matter it will be reviewed by the Pastoral Manager and given to the student’s mentor to meet with the student and take the appropriate action. If it is more serious still or there is a repetition the Pastoral Manager will intervene in person. If even more serious it will be passed to the Head of Sixth Form and parents involved.