Sixth Form Agreement

What is the Sixth Form Agreement? An Agreement between staff & Sixth Form Students that is distibuted to students at the start of each academic year.

All Sixth Formers sign a Sixth Form Agreement at enrolment which is then sent to parents. The Agreement outlines our expectations of students and what they can expect of us…

In order to ensure a successful partnership between students and the college:

  1. Staff will plan sufficiently challenging and differentiated lessons, in order to ensure you reach your full potential.
  2. Staff will be courteous and respectful when dealing with you.
  3. You will be given a named mentor as a first point of contact who will support you during your time in college.
  4. The college will provide you with a written profile of your progress and support you in identifying areas for improvement.
  5. The college will provide you with appropriate guidance when applying for Further/Higher Education, an apprenticeship or employment.

In order to ensure a successful partnership between myself and the college:

  1. I understand that I will work to the best of my ability to complete the courses I have chosen and to meet the work deadlines set. If the college considers I am not doing this then I accept that targets for improvement will be set.
  2. I understand that I will attend all time- tabled classes and other events the College requires me to attend. I understand that course changes must be made by October half-term.
  3. I understand that any absence will be accompanied by a courtesy telephone call to reception by 8:30am on the day of absence. Tel: 01273 815 442.  I will not be absent except for unavoidable reasons and illness. I will provide a reason for my absence, in writing, on my return to College. I accept that if I have a bursary this may affect my payment.
  4. I understand that I must be punctual and give reasons for lateness in an appropriate manner.
  5. I understand that College is a place of work, and that I must behave in a way which respects the rights of others and which is courteous and safe. I accept that if I fail to do this I will be asked to leave the lesson and will do so.
  6. I understand that College is a partnership between students and staff, and that we will try to resolve differences in a calm and constructive way, but that steps will be taken where there is a failure to maintain the Sixth Form Code.