Daily Mentor Sessions

What does this involve? Everyday students will meet with their Mentor group and a programme of personal, social, spiritual and career guidance will be delivered by their Mentor or a member of the college team.

Each Sixth Form student will be allocated a Mentor and be part of a Mentor Group. They will be expected to attend their Mentor Group; meet with their Mentor and participate in the Mentor Group activities each day for twenty minutes at Mentor Time which, ordinarily, will be after morning break. However, on Mondays our students will be expected to attend a briefing of the whole Sixth Form by the Sixth Form Team about the week’s activities and events or those in the future. The Mentoring programme will follow a two year cycle so that Year 13 students will be engaged in activities that are new to them rather than repeating what they did in Year 12.

The mentoring sessions themselves will involve a range of activities such as occasional visiting speakers, informal group discussions and more formal debates. We intend to develop the activities so that our Sixth Formers will also use mentor time to act as leaders and role models in the main school assisting with reading and literacy. This overlaps with the Enrichment Programme which aims to involve Sixth Formers assisting with their specialist subjects in class with the main school students.

The mentoring programme our students will be following has a different theme each term with specific outcomes. Within each will be a range of activities. The Termly Mentoring Programme is detailed below.

   Theme Outcomes
Term 1 Year 12: Getting to know you and being organised
  • Organise subject folders
  • Identified clubs to support
  • Establish Sixth Form Council
  • Recognise the expectations for learning
Year 13: Moving on Plan
  • Completed Personal Statement
  • Completed UCAS Application form
  • Completed CV
Term 2 Year 12: Volunteering/Campaigning
  • Aware of volunteering opportunities
  • Assisting lower school mentoring
  • Aware of campaigning organisations
Year 13: Life Skills - Rights and Responsibilities
  • Aware of legal rights
  • Clear about legal responsibilities
Term 3 Year 12: Life Skills - Health
  • Know about healthy diets
  • Know about sexual health
  • Know the consequences of smoking
  • Know the dangers of drugs and alcohol
Year 13: Life Skills - Financial
  • Know how to devise a budget
  • Understand student finance
  • Understand credit and debt
  • Understand house rental/purchase
Term 4 Year 12 and 13 : Revision Skills
  • Reflect on learning style
  • Devise revision plan
Term 5 Private study / exams
Term 6 Year 12: Career Planning
  • Be aware of higher education and career opportunities
  • Identified appropriate courses / career pathway