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Notifying Absence

Please CALL or TEXT the Sixth Form Absence Line before 8.30am on 01273 815442 - Please could you leave the student's name and reason for absence. We would appreciate it if you can call everyday thereafter that the student is not coming into College.

If you cannot attend College for any other reasons that day or if you know of any dates, please call in on the same number provided above and we can determine whether it will be authorised (eg a funeral) or counted as unauthorised.

We base students attendance on Excellent, Satisfactory and Poor. Sixth Form students have an expectation to attend college 95% of the time. We view this as excellent attendance and this will then be acknowledged and praised! If students have poor attendance, we have a system in place where we monitor and encourage students to attend college more and set them targets. However, if the student has had numerous chances to improve their attendance throughout the year and there has been no significant change, a formal letter would be sent home to parents/careers to come in and discuss this in further detail.

Mentors will be closely monitoring their mentees attendance and will be talking to their mentees on a one to one basis to discuss their progress or to set improvement targets. Please click on the below Mentoring page link for further details regarding mentors and attendance.

Mentoring - Attendance Policy