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Healthy Schools

In December 2006 Ringmer Community College became one of the first schools in East Sussex to achieve Healthy Schools Status and in March 2010 the on-going work in this area enabled the college to achieve the next level and was awarded Healthy Schools Enhancement.

D1RINGMER77The Healthy Schools Programme provides a whole school approach which contributes towards raising achievement and provides opportunities to enhance the health and wellbeing of students, staff and the wider community. Achieving National Healthy Schools status provides rigorous evidence for Ofsted to see how a school is meeting national outcomes for children and young people.
The programme builds upon what schools are already doing and complements other initiatives to promote PSHE, physical activity, healthy eating and emotional health and well- being.
D1RINGMER95The Schools and Health White Papers highlight the role of schools in maintaining and further developing student wellbeing.

'Good schools understand well the connections between students' physical and mental health, their safety and their educational achievement’  Schools White Paper, November 2010

‘Good schools will be active promoters of health in childhood and adolescence, because healthy children with high self-esteem learn and behave better at school’ Health White Paper December 2010
The Healthy School Programme was reviewed in 2011 and is now less bureaucratic in line with government policy.  However, this is still an important approach used at Ringmer Community College and the School Food Standards are applied in our catering provision and in the day to day life of the college.  The School Food Standards apply to all maintained schools, and academies that were founded before 2010 and after June 2014.  They must provide:
  • high quality meat, poultry or oily fish
  • fruit and vegetables
  • bread, other cereals and potatoes

There can't be:

  • drinks with added sugar, crisps, chocolate or sweets in school meals and vending machines
  • more than 2 portions of deep-fried, battered or breaded food a week

You can read more about the school food standards on the School Food Plan website.

If you require more information please contact Mrs Alex Hunt, Vice Principal Business on 01273 812220 or email: ahunt@ringmeracademy.org