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Gifted and Talented

We aim to work closely with our students who have with marked aptitudes and we also follow DFE guidance.

The progress and curriculum offer made to these students is overseen by an Assistant Principal and our Learning Leaders. Within the college an able student may be on the whole college Gifted and Talented register or on a particular department's Subject Able Student list.

Provision is focused on both the development of challenge within the classroom and access to additional enrichment either run by the college or an outside provider.

For example, we are running a series of independent study homework projects now across Key Stage 3. Your son/daughter will have the opportunity to develop key advanced study skills and produce a project of greater length and depth than most students if they are known to be an able student as this expectation will be there from the start and built upon.

Students also have the opportunity to build upon innate leadership skills with scope to become leaders from year 7 in Eco group; library prefects; school council and in Sports and Dance Leadership.

Our traditional Head Boy/Girl system now extends from Year 11 into our Sixth Form and students undergo a rigorous application and interview process to acquire these posts. They work closely with the Principal and other school leaders during their tenure and this prepares them for the top college and university places.

We have links with Trinity College, Cambridge and our able students in the higher year groups visit annually.

To discuss any aspect of Gifted and Talented Provision please contact Assistant Principal Mr Daryl Shear on 01273 812220 ext 238 or email: dshear@ringmeracademy.org