Further Education

Applying to College

Choosing your subjects - things to find out.

  • Which level you will be working at when you are at college so you can look at the correct courses. 
  • Which A-Levels, BTECs, NVQ's, and GCSE's you need to get to the next step on your career ladder. 
  • What do you need to get into University?
  • Have a go at the Stamford Test (LINK) for suggestions on courss if you have no idea
  • If you are doing A-Levels, try to choose three subjects which are relevant to your career or university course and one subject you know you will enjoy which might not be relevant. Its imoprtant to keep your 'fun-level' up!
  • If you are thinking of doing an Apprenticehsip, you must also have a work placement.

Choosing your College

  • Do they run the courses you want to do?
  • Do they run the courses you need to do?
  • Can you get to the college each day?
  • How much will the travel be?
  • Check out Open Evenings to se if the college feels right for you.
  • Don't rely on where your friends are going - you must apply to the college that is best for you.

Application Forms and References

Ms Moorhouse is available during mentor time if you need help with making choices about college courses. Email her at nmorrhouse@ringmeracademy.org   if you want an appointment or use the sign up sheet on her office door. You can also get help from your mentor or PSHE teacher. 

Talk through with your parents/carers and get them to check for errors or spelling mistakes. They must also sign your application.

Get your application into Ms Moorhouse  as soon as possible, and certainly by Christmas if you want to be guaranteed an interview early in the New Year. Mrs Baker needs to log which courses you are applying to do and at which college so don't just send it off yourself!

Your mentor is most probably the best person to write your reference but of course you could also ask another member of staff, especially if they teach you your main subject choice, or you have a particularly good relationship with them. If you have been asked to provide two references, maybe you could ask your employer at you part-time job to write one.

Sixth Form Prospectus Cover 2014 Sixth Form Application IMAGE


Two websites which might help you with your A-Level choices are:    

Russell Group image brief outline of subjects and where they may take you
alevels.co.uk image making A-Level choices