Apprenticeships and Traineeships

Apprenticeships, opening doors to a better future.

Apprenticeships offer enthusiastic individuals the chance to learn valuable work-based skills and gain industry relevant qualifications while earning a wage.

Are you ready to be an Apprentice?

If you're:

  • About to leave school and want to start earning a living
  • Looking for a job with training
  • Wondering where your career is taking you

An apprenticeship could be the best start to you new career.  An apprenticeship give you a chance to learn the skiils you need to succeed while earning a wage at the same time.

What types of apprenticeships are there?

There are three different levels:

Intermediate: competence and technical qualifications at level 2 (equivalent to 5 GCSEs A*-C)

Advanced: competence and technical qualifications at level 3 (equivalent to 2 A-Levels A-C)

Higher: competence and technical qualifications at level 4 or 5 (equivalent to or including a Foundation Degree)

As an apprentice you'll spend most of the week in the workplace learning practical skills and attend college one day a week to learn the theory side of you job, along with other useful skills that you might need in the workplace such as IT and communication skills. You are supported throughout by both your employer and the college.

How long do appreniceships take?

Apprenticeships can take between one and four years and will partly depend upon the level that you train at and which apprenticeship you do.  The amount of time you spend with your employee could be one day a month to three days a week.  you will also spend time in a college studying or with a Training Provider, who specialise in courses to do with work.

How much will I get paid?

£2.60 per hour.  This is more than jobseeker allowance but less than minimum wage.

'Earn while you learn', that's the best way to look at it.

And Afterwards?

At the end of it you'll be qualified but that doesn't mean you'll be guaranteed a job.  The qualification will help you find one though.

Where can you go to get more help?

As one of the largest providers of apprenticeship training in Sussex, Job Shop manages more than 700 apprenticeships in companies such as Eastbourne Borough Council, BMW, and The Hilton Group, and can even help you find an apprenticeship through Sussex Job Shop.

  • We'll indentify your individual needs and develop a personalised training plan
  • We'll develop training leading to nationally recognised qualifications
  • We have a flexible approach
  • We'll provide ongoing support and guidance to your employer

Traineeships - if you are accepted onto a traineeship program the organiser has taken responsibility for employing you for the length of the training program.  They will teach you the specific skills you need to do the job.


Skills sectors include:



Dental Nursing




Sign Making

Country Estate Management

Jewellery Making...and so much more.  Check out the website to see what's available!


Finding Apprenticeships

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