Results - Parental Surveys

We welcome Parent's comments and feedback during our Subject Teacher Parent Evenings. 

Please find the results of these already conducted this year.

Whole Year Parents Evening Survey Analysis 2013-2014

Whole Year Parents Evening Survey Analysis 2014-2015

Year 11 Parents Evening Survey - 12 November 2015

Year 7 Parents Evening Survey - 03 December 2015

Year 10 Parents Evening Survey - 21 January 2016

Year 9 Parents Evening Survey - 25 February 2016

Year 8 Parents Evening Survey - 17 March 2016

Whole Year Parents Evening Survey Analysis 2015-2016


Actions we have taken to improve practice as a result of feedback during the past year:

  • Telephoned all parents who have had a concern to ensure that we are doing all we can to communicate
  • Subscribed to In Touch email provider in order to improve communications between school and home
  • We've begun to put all homework tasks and resources online so that parents can see what homework their child should be doing
  • Introduced more information evenings and events such as Growth Mindset and STEM, to keep parents up to date with their students education
  • Improved the quality of teaching and monitoring of progress in key subject areas in order to improve the progress of all students
  • Clarified the uniform expectations
  • Governors are more visible and in attendance at parents evenings and events.