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Ringmer hosts Southern Renewable Energy Forum

SEFConferenceKevin Powell, Joint Senior Partner at Knill James Chartered Accountants in Lewes, recently chaired the latest ‘Southern Renewable Energy Forum’ (SREF) meeting which took place at Ringmer Community College and Sixth Form.  Kevin said “ I was thrilled with the turnout and delighted that the event was such a success. It was clear to see that everyone was really interested in the detailed information that was shared with us and Ringmer Community College is clearly leading the way and setting an excellent example for other schools to follow, in terms of installing and educating on the very important matter of renewable energy”.

Stephen Green, Environmental Coordinator at Ringmer School, said “The purpose of the meeting was to explain how energy management and sustainability has become an integral part of learning at the college. Four Senior Eco Reps gave a presentation to over 40 delegates from all types of business backgrounds including Accountants, Chartered Surveyors, Bankers, Solicitors, Schools, Colleges, Land Agents and the Farming Community, of how, by taking responsibility for turning off lights and equipment, in addition to monitoring energy substantial savings in cost and C02 terms can be made.

The college is nationally recognised for it’s work on sustainability and energy management and has won several awards for its work. In addition, by using a biomass boiler and ground source heat pumps for heating and PV panels for electrical supply, the college is able to demonstrate, in a practical way, that there are viable alternatives to carbon based fuels. Senior Eco Rep Jamie Faben said ”Being a student at Ringmer has made me think about the way we use and waste the world’s resources and how we all need to do something about it”. 

The Southern Renewable Energy Forum was formed in 2012 to provide an integrated approach to the expanding alternative energy sector and the provision of sustainable utility solutions, advising members on issues around carbon policy, renewable energy and sustainability projects.

Have you taken account of these important issues in your business planning?

How will you be impacted by these important issues:

• Asset appraisal and analysis
• Energy and carbon policy advice
• Renewable options
• Tax and financial implications
• Legal concerns and issues

Providing an integrated approach to the expanding alternative energy  sector, advising members on solutions to carbon footprint and renewable energy projects – this is what the Southern  Renewable Energy Forum is all about.

Find out more information from the Southern Renewable Energy Forum here

Less CO2 Mentoring

Ringmer Community College and Sixth Form as an Ambassador Eco School and Ashden Award winner has been acting as a mentor to five secondary schools in East Sussex and Brighton. The course organised by Ashden and known as Less CO2  aims to get schools to reduce their energy consumption by 10% through behaviour change and basic energy management.

Steve Green, Ringmer’s Eco Coordinator said “Large schools can consume up to £100,000 a year on energy and making a 10% reduction is very achievable. It’s not a case of lots of technology but a common sense approach to reducing waste. The unique aspect of our course is that we are using student power to achieve the reduction. Ringmer’s Senior Eco Reps act as mentors to the schools giving advice and encouragement as well as carrying out inspections of the school. They have also made some new friends!"

Click here to view the Asden Award Blog featuring Ringmer Eco Reps.

Getting Close to Nature

With over 50% of our new Year 7 pupils volunteering to become Eco Reps it was an exciting day for 16 of them who went with Senior Eco Rep Verity Cannings and Environmental Coordinator Steve Green for a day in the local woods.

 The day, organised by local organisation, Circle of Life saw pupils lighting fires, eating berries and making items from brambles and bracken. The highlight was an extensive activity of “Eagle Eye” requiring pupils to disappear into the local habitat.

 Verity said “As a Senior Pupil responsible for Eco work getting our new students close to a nature has been a fantastic experience. We’ve all learnt a lot but I still hate spiders!

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